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P & W Associates have been operating in Thailand for 5 years. The associates between them have 25 years of operating experience in Thailand, often supervising construction in the most difficult and challenging locations.
  • Building design
  • Interior Design
  • Building Construction Management
  • Sourcing and supply of bespoke materials
  • Water management and recycling systems
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Earthworks and Retaining Walls
  • Roads
  • Installation of services, electricity, water and drainage
  • Construction Materials Testing
  • Land and Topographical Surveys
Design, Planning and Appointing a Construction Contractor

In consultation with the owner we can design the building, generating plans, elevations and 3-D computer visualisations for the clients' approval. We incorporate each owner's individual requirements, whether they are room sizes and layouts, environmentally aware system design, solar power or water recycling. We can offer you a large selection of finishing products from roofing materials to flooring, mostly sourced directly by us. The design methods we use make changing layouts, amending room sizes, changing interior and exterior finishes etc. very easy to recreate in 3-D visuals, making it easier for the client to create the building and plot layout they want.

After plans of the building have been agreed, the next step is to draw up construction and engineering drawings, from which a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is created, which lists the quantities of all the constituent parts of the building. The completed plans are sent to a number of construction companies for them to tender prices for the client to consider. The plans are also sent to the local authorities for the grant of building regulation approval.

Once regulatory approval has been given, a building contractor chosen, a time-scale and payment schedule agreed, and contracts signed, then construction can commence.

Construction Process

The first step of the construction process is the site layout. We establish the position of the buildings, paths and access road, blending the building into the local environment, avoiding disturbing trees, rocks and any other natural features.

From then on we are on site regularly, checking that the construction is taking place according to the construction drawings.

The construction materials are checked on a regular basis for quality and consistency as well as correct usage.

The construction site is managed for safety, an awareness of the environmental impact, waste management and the careful use of water.

Throughout the construction period photographs are taken on a regular basis and posted to the website, in order that the client is fully aware of the progress of the work, and can be completely involved in all decisions that need to be made as construction progresses, and can check that the contracted stage payments are made at the completed stages.

Even though the client may be on the other side of the world they can still be fully involved.

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