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Thai Wedding Ceremony

If you are thinking of getting married in Thailand and are looking for a traditional Thai wedding ceremony, this can be easily arranged and organised in a number of locations,. Thai ceremonies tend to be a blend of Buddhist rites steeped in ancient traditions, culture and mysticism. However, as it has become increasingly popular for foreigners to choose a more simplified version of a Thai wedding, with modern influences and western rituals that can be combined with the Thai traditions to suit the couple.

Monks are an integral part of the Thai ceremony and they are happy to preside over a foreign couple's wedding. They chant for luck and good fortune for the newlyweds and provide a spiritual element to the matrimonial day. These ceremonies tend to be ritualized, but are none the less colourful and lively and a wonderful experience for all involved.

In a traditional Thai wedding, the bride is escorted by a procession from her house to the groom’s house where she will live after the wedding ceremony with his family. This tradition has been adapted for foreigners, and the bride arrives at the wedding venue accompanied by a procession of friends and family, dressed in sumptuous silk outfits lead by long drum players. With joyous shouts and dancing to broadcast the upcoming marriage, the happy throng delivers the bride to the groom to the alter. An increasingly popular and fun alternative is when the procession leads the bride atop a beautifully decorated elephant to her waiting groom. An elephant being a very revered animal is Thailand, brings even more luck to the soon-to-be united couple.

In Thailand, the number nine is also an auspicious number. Therefore, at a Thai wedding, nine monks are invited to preside over the ceremony.  The monks need to sit abovethe family and guests as a sign of respect and they are seated on a raised deck in front of the couple and the wedding party. The monks chant, holding traditional religious fans. The bride and groom are instructed to kneel before the alter, heads bent, while a sacred thread, held by the monks, is attached to the couple's heads, joining them together. This thread symbolizes the connection of the blessing through the monks to the bride and groom.

The first and most senior monk in the row has a bowl of water and a candle placed in front of him. The water is blessed and then poured over the couple's hands throughout the ceremony. When the initial prayers are finished, the guests are asked to take some holy water and give their blessing to the couple by pouring it over their hands in turn. In return, as an offering, trays of food are placed in front of the monks for them to eat before they return to the temple. A small donation to the temple, given in an envelope by the bride and groom to the monks is generally expected.

A traditional Thai wedding ceremony can be easily arranged and executed in a wide variety of locations, from 5 star resorts to private villas. Depending on the couple's preferences, the wedding ceremony, reception and party can all be tailor-made to suit most expectations and wishes. Even the most traditional western tastes can be catered for, as there are churches in many holiday destinations in Thailand. A trained celebrant can also be hired to come to your resort or villa and perform a secular ceremony, wherever you choose to be. You can meet with the celebrant before the ceremony to iron out the details of the ritual and discuss the vows. Whichever wedding ceremony you choose, it will truly be a magnificent day with beautifully decorated alters and venues, trained professional staff and officials, plus of course the amazing tropical and exotic backdrop, which provides a fitting scene for any joining of souls.

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