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There are many world class spas on, Koh Phangan. The natural beauty of the islands lends itself to a perfect place to enjoy and relax in spa heaven. The spas are often built to fit with their tropical surrounding and use traditional Thai materials and styles and Asian influences in their design. Indigenous wood and bamboo are often used in the building and the interior with water features, plants and flowers to decorate the treatment rooms and reception. This ensures a truly magical spa experience from the moment you arrive.

At the spas there are a variety of treatments available depending on your mood, needs and how decadent you feel. A traditional Thai massage is excellent for those who are feeling brave enough for a full body work out, stretch and deep massage.

An aromatherapy massage is a more gentle option, with your choice of oils to suit whether you want to be invigorated, relaxed or inspired. Other massages include a shoulder and neck massage for those who have spent too long leaning over a computer or a foot massage to alleviate the stress from toe to head.

If a massage seem too much like hard work, then wraps and scrubs are on offer for sun burnt skin, for exfoliation or to bring a healthy glow to your skin. Many spas also offer pedicures and manicures so you don’t have to neglect your finger and toe nails while on holiday.

The products used in the treatments are often locally made using indigenous plants and fruits or alternatively fresh from the tree. Lemon grass oil, made from the leaves of the lemon grass plant is a popular choice for rehydrating the skin and stimulating blood circulation. For the face, a traditional Thai herbal remedy for cleansing a blend of Prai and Tumeric is used. For sun worshippers a natural remedy to improve the skin’s resilience to the sun and after sun is a made from Aloe and Prai.

If you feel like a total pampering for your holiday, you can book yourself in for a spa treatment and enjoy the full experience for a rejuvenating holiday. You can also arrange for therapists to visit your private holiday villa. A different treatment every day combined with healthy food and a detox programme will ensure you return home a new and refreshed person.

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