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It is not just the Full Moon Party that attracts visitors to Koh Phangan these days. Although the island has become a well-known tourist destination due to said party, the property market has experienced an increase in interest from both local and foreign investors as well. As a result the choice of accommodation has broadened as a number of private villas have entered the market, giving traditional hotels and resorts a run for their money.

The use of private villas when holidaying has become more and more popular because of the privacy and flexibility a private villas affords. The option of sharing a larger villa with friends and family is also a popular alternative to the traditional twin or double rooms found in hotels. In fact, although renting a private villa for your holiday may be more expensive than renting a hotel or resort room, when shared between many people the overall costs may actually go down.

Compared to other popular beach and island resorts in Thailand, investors can save a lot of money on Koh Phangan where land and property often come at a fraction of the price. Not yet as expensive as Phuket, Pattaya or Hua Hin, Koh Phangan nevertheless lacks none of the beauty of these places and apart from a few days during Full Moon each month, the island feels more quiet and authentic than many other resort destinations.

The quality of construction has vastly improved on Koh Phangan over the years and the property market has given rise to a range of supporting industries such as architecture and consultancy firms, agencies and interior designers. There is healthy competition in the supply side of the market, keeping prices down and quality up, and with professional agencies like Koh Phangan Holiday Homes handling villa management and rentals, guests also enjoy reliable assistance on the ground.

Some of the newer built villas have really benefitted from this as each developer is becoming increasingly creative and innovative. The most luxurious villas thus feature stunning architecture coupled with inspiring interior design and leading-edge technology. Most villas come with a private pool as a minimum while some of the more extravagant ones boast entertainment rooms with wide screen TVs, play stations, billiards and tennis tables.

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