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Koh Phangan's property market has experienced a spectacular change in recent years with the island's many picturesque bays, beaches and hillsides now boasting majestic private residences. Up until recently, Koh Phangan was a sleepy fisherman's island in the Gulf of Thailand, very much hiding in the shadow of its southern neighbour Koh Samui where the tourism and property industries developed at a different rate. However in recent years, some of the activity on the larger island has spilled over into Koh Phangan and the property market has kicked off.

While there are still a large number of quaint huts on the island's white sand beaches, more and more luxury villas are being built to cater to a maturing tourism industry and an increasing number of foreign investors. Contrary to Koh Samui or Phuket where most of the best land has already been taken up and prices are sky high, Koh Phangan still has stunning plots of prime land available at very affordable prices. Although prices are definitely on the rise there is still plenty of room for appreciation and some of the early investors who built and sold their properties walked away with very handsome returns.

Nowadays, Koh Phangan offer an excellent environment for a long term investment. The local government is committed to developing the island in a sustainable way so as to avoid some of the mistakes that were made on Phuket and other places due to poor building regulation and oversight. The island's infrastructure has vastly improved in the last year with better roads, waste systems and water management having increased the quality of life for both residents and visitors to the island.

In contrast to the more traditional island and beach resorts in Thailand where private villas are increasingly being developed as part of a resort or complex, Koh Phangan's private residence market is still very much based on individual ownership, allowing for more diversity in the market. Most owners are thus private investors buying for holiday or second-home use with the option of renting out the property when it's not in use.

The design and architecture of the villas on Koh Phangan is very dependent on each owner's taste. Many of the private villas however are designed with traditional Thai building techniques in mind, allowing for an appealing overall vista around the island, but also reaping the benefits of time-tested techniques for cooling and shading.

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