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A private villa in phangan offers visitors the ultimate personal holiday retreat. Many of the properties now available for short term rent are situated close to a choice of top notch tourist amenities, including restaurants that serve both Thai and international cuisine. Sophisticated retail options and a divers range of nightlife and entertainment mean villa guests are never short of something to do on their vacation.

The villa rental market in Phangan has expanded significantly in recent years and now offers a wide range of choices to match almost everyone's taste and budget. The architecture an interior designs on offer also vary depending on the location and inspiration behind the property. This means choices can be made to suit particular needs, as well as to set the tone for the stay. Those in search of a more traditional Thai style villa, adorned with Thai antiques and artwork are avalible on phangan, while for guests in search of modern comforts, sophisticated contemporary residences also abound and boast all the accoutrements of 21st century luxury living, including huge flat screen TVs, wireless internet access and indulgent in and outdoor bathing facilities.

Islands like phangan are known worldwide as Thailand's top tourist destinations and as a result, they now offer a wide choice of villa to those in search of a memorable private holiday. Secluded beach and hillside properties in phangan holiday hotspots provide guests with their own personal retreat, and in some cases come with a team of dedicated staff that includes a villa manager, cleaning staff, a gardner and even the services of a private chef. Visitors in search of more affordable accommodation can opt for smaller bungalow style homes or apartments, many located within serviced residential communities. These also provide a private and comfortable vacation choice and even at the cheaper end of the scale often feature a private or shared swimming pool, lush tropical gardens and spacious, nicely furnished living areas.

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