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Besides being beautiful to the eye, the island of Koh Phangan has beautiful weather almost all year round. The temperature mostly stays about the same, and the climate is generally considered to follow one of two seasons: either wet, or dry.

At the coldest times of the year, the average low temperature goes down to about 23.9 degrees Celsius and gets as hot as 29.0. During the hottest times, the low is usually around 26 degrees Celsius and the hottest times of day set the mercury as high as 35 degrees.

The rainiest time of year is october and November, although the island’s weather is liable to be impacted by monsoons, which can draw periods of heavy rain to as late as December. Monsoon rains are usually pretty short, and the extra precipitation makes the island's tropical vegetation thrive.

From February to April, Koh Phangan usually sees the least precipitation, but it is still a tropical environment and is liable to rain any day, but only for a very short while. While some might find the frequent rainfall on the island annoying, it is an integral part of the tropical experience and dramatic downpours are in many ways as much of a natural attraction as the island's blue skies.

Whatever the weather on Koh Phangan, the island offer a wide range of land and ocean based activities to keep visitors occupied and entertained. Whether lazing on the beach, exploring the underwater reefs or dining at a cliffside restaurant, the island's beauty and natural appeal makes it one of Thailand's most appealing and pristine travel destinations.

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