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Detox programmes in Koh Phangan and Thailand have become increasingly popular for those seeking a healthy and rejuvenating holiday. As our environment has become more polluted and toxins are more evident in the air we breathe and our food and water, people are looking for ways to cleanse their bodies and eliminate these toxins. A detox programme can help alleviate the stress put on our organs to eradicate these toxic substances by fasting and reducing what we put into the body. Undertaking a detox can help with weight loss, lethargy, insomnia and allergies as well as offing a full service for body and mind.

You can sign up for anything from a one day to a 7 day detox programme. These programmes will typically include a consultation with a wellness expert, daily lymphatic drainage, colonic irrigation, mineral/supplement drinks, basic soups and a daily yoga class. Your progress and health will be monitored carefully by the therapist at the centre to ensure you are getting the most out of the programme in a healthy way. Depending on the level of the spa offering the detox there may be access to steam rooms and saunas. A post detox regime is also often available to reintroduce your body to food in a moderate and controlled way.

At detox centres on Koh Phangan you spend time around other people who are detoxing and have the benefits of the experts close by. The centres tend to be in beautiful, peaceful surroundings with sea and mountain views in order for customers to be truly relaxed and enjoy the natural healthy environment.

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